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Proper Care and Feeding of Your Iguana

Iguana Training Series: On-Site Course. Explore best practices around installation, maintenance and support.


This course is part of the Iguana Training Series, a set of private courses that cover an array of interfacing concepts in Iguana. This course is designed for on-site training with an iNTERFACEWARE trainer. Your trainer will give you a password to access this course.

In this course, we share best practices for deploying Iguana for performance and stability. We will go through exercises that give you insight into key strategies around:

  • Installing a production-ready Iguana
  • How to get temporary or trial licenses
  • Key files to back up
  • Configure a repository and import training channels
  • Monitoring your Iguana
  • Using the logs for searching and troubleshooting

Course Curriculum

Installation best practices 00:00:00
Obtaining licenses 00:00:00
How to back up and restore Iguana 00:00:00
Connecting to repositories 00:00:00