HL7 And Beyond

Iguana Training Series. What is HL7? Why do we need interfaces for HL7 messaging? A brief overview of health care data exchange standards.


This course is part of the Iguana Training Series, a set of private courses that cover an array of interfacing concepts in Iguana. Explore the world of HL7 data format standards. If you are new to the world of health careĀ informatics or just want to brush up on some concepts, join us on this brief overview. If you feel that you are sufficiently familiar with the basics of HL7, feel free to skip this course.

The course consists of several sections:

  • Take the quiz: Try this quick quiz to assess what you already know/understand about HL7.
  • Review the basics videos: New to HL7? Watch the videos to get familiar with basic concepts and understand why integration interfaces are necessary to interoperability.
  • Learn the details: Walk through some key concepts that you will need to know before moving forward. Read through this material to get a full understanding of HL7 structures and syntax.

Remember, you can retake the assessment quiz at anytime! This is a great way to check your learning progress.

Course Curriculum

HL7 Basics Unlimited
How does HL7 work? 00:03:00
What does HL7 look like? 00:04:00
Introduction to HL7 00:01:00
The history behind HL7 00:04:00
How to read HL7 00:04:00