Introduction To Repositories

Find out how you can leverage Iguana’s built-in repositories to jump-start your project development.


Iguana 6 brings a new way to share channels, and with it comes a built-in library of code samples, utility channels and adapters that will jump-start your project development.

This tutorial will introduce you to the built-in code repositories that contain a wealth of useful code examples, sample channels and -- better yet -- reusable modules that you can plug into your projects to speed development and make your interfaces more robust.

You’ll see that this course is rated beginner to advanced. You don’t need to be an expert to appreciate this tutorial. But if you are an experienced user of Iguana, there’s a good chance you’ll find material in this tutorial and in the code repositories themselves that will give you new insight.

Course Curriculum

Iguana Repositories: Increasing Efficiency 00:18:00
Using source control and repos
A short primer on Iguana source control 00:08:00
What are repositories and why use them? 00:02:00
Setting up repositories 00:03:00
Importing and exporting channels 00:05:00
Built-in repos
How do I use code libraries? 00:05:00
The “Store” module 00:05:00
The “Retry” module 00:05:00