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When and How to Use Chameleon

Learn how we use the Chameleon toolkit to enable parsing and building messages in Iguana.


This course is part of the Iguana Training Series, a set of private courses that cover an array of interfacing concepts in Iguana. The exercises in this course presume you have completed the Building an HL7 Interface course.


Chameleon is a toolkit for modeling message formats to enable parsing and building messages, specifically for delimited text formats such as HL7 and X12. It can also help us in modeling database tables for inserting records into DBs.

In this course, you will learn:

  • A bit of history about Chameleon, iNTERFACEWARE's first interoperability product.
  • Chameleon's current role when working in Iguana.
  • How to view a VMD, the file Chameleon creates for using in Iguana.
  • How to build a VMD file to model HL7 messages and database tables.

Please note that Chameleon ships only with the Windows version of Iguana.

Course Curriculum

What is Chameleon? 00:00:00
Viewing a VMD file 00:15:00
Creating a simple ADT Message VMD 00:15:00
Create VMD tables 00:20:00