Lua Basics

Iguana Training Series. It’s easy to master the basic syntaxes and control structures of Lua, especially in Iguana.


This course is part of the Iguana Training Series, a set of private courses that cover an array of interfacing concepts in Iguana.

This course takes a closer look at how Lua works -- its syntaxes, structures and capabilities.

For those of you with a bit of scripting background -- Python, JavaScript, PHP -- you'll adapt to Lua quickly and easily. But even if you have no scripting background, you'll find you can understand and master the concepts quite quickly thanks to the Iguana development environment, which gives you the kind of immediate feedback about your scripting that leads to fewer errors and lower learning curves.

By the end of this course, you will understand concepts and tasks, such as:

  • Best practices for using variables
  • How to iterate through arrays, or sets of data
  • How to build and manipulate strings
  • How to interact with environments outside the Translator

Course Curriculum

Setting up our Lua playground
Build a new channel 00:03:00
Set up the core project 00:05:00
Require statement and trace function 00:03:00
How to comment 00:02:00
Building your Lua skills
String concatenation 00:02:00
Local and global variables 00:04:00
Data types 00:03:00
For loops 00:04:00
While loops 00:04:00
Handling multiple values 00:04:00
The colon operator 00:05:00
String manipulation 00:10:00
Lua string answer 00:05:00
Working with tables 00:08:00
Error handling in Lua 00:10:00
Pipes and files 00:15:00
Lua basics summary 00:01:00
Pattern matching tutorial 00:15:00
Lua basics Unlimited